March 30, 2009

Metamorphosis Monday

Today I am participating in my first Metamorphosis Monday hosted by Susan@ Between Naps On The Porch. This is my first time joining in for the fun. Please click on the TITLE to link to Susan's blog and see what everyone else has to share.
I have a little change that I have made to my office to share with you. As I am typing this up I am having a cup of hot chocolate. Pitty the poor little marshmallow Easter peep that floats in my cup. But yummm, he is so tasty! Kids love peeps in their hot chocolate right? Me too.

When we moved all I wanted to do was get the desk and computer up so I could get the office up and running. Not much thought was given to the decorating of the space. Now that things have settled down I am feeling the need to gussy things up a bit. This is a picture of how the space looked BEFORE.

This is the AFTER pic with the new wall shelf hung. My Beloved built this shelf for me after I arrived home from a day of antiquing with these metal brackets. I wanted a shelf where I could store some of my reference books and a place to put my knitting needles. I will be adding a row of glass knobs across the center of the shelf just as soon as I purchase them so I can hang a few more treasures.
The next project in the office will be a cute piece of furniture to put the computer tower and printer on to hide this mess of ugly wires and cords down there on the floor. Is this a problem at your desk too?

The tin can hanging on the left was a joint effort by my Beloved and myself. He cut the top of the tin can and made little loops on each side and I put the wire hanger on. A little grass inside and a few flowers and Wha La! A sweet little container for spring.
I also put a bit of my yarn stash in a basket and set it out. The yarn is handpainted and just too pretty to store in a box so I am showing it off.

The book ends were so pretty I could not resist. Look at this proud rooster. You can see part of a bottle of essential oil blend called Purifucation in this picture. I have my essential oil bottles all over the house. I keep them on my desk, by the bed, in the bathroom and especially by the kitchen sink in case I cut myself or burn myself. They are my Natural First Aid Kit so where ever I am they are close at hand and I use them often to build my immune system too.

Purification is an oil I like to diffuse in the house to kill bacteria and germs in the air and it smells so fresh and clean. These oils are not like a room freshner at all. Purification does not just cover up the offending odor it kills the germs that cause the odor. Your whole family will be healthier if you diffuse Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils in your home. We even have an oil blend that is proven to kill mold, which can be a real problem.

If you have an interest in knowing more about Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils click the link in the sidebar to visit my website and thanks for stopping by for a visit. ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~


Linda (Nina's Nest) said...

I love that shelf you put up - gives some definition to the wall. Really nice! Linda

janet said...

very nice shelf, and your office space looks fantastic

Unknown said...

Very pretty. Loving the white desk and shelf. Isn't it crazy the amount of computer stuff we have to find places for. I am really struggling with this in our familyroom this week. What to do with it all without spending too much money. Your accessories really draw the eye away from all the 'hardware' and this is something I will try to remember.Thanks.

Donna said...

Hello, Ahrisha - your office area looks so lovely!

I'm also happy to tell you that you are the winner of my one year blog anniversary giveaway! So if you could email your address to me at, I'll package up your goodies and send them off to you!!... Donna @ An Enchanted Cottage

Fifi Flowers said...

You remind me that I need to get more organized in my own office... sigh!
BTW... You kitty was stolen and painted by moi!

Lisa said...