June 30, 2010

French Provincial Dinner For Two

Hello Friends~ ~ ~Sunflowers look so cheerful
and I love these French Provincial prints
so when I saw this fabric I couldn't resist.
I think I bought 2 yards then washed it in the machine
so it would fray around the edges.
TaDa, tablecloth!

I have lots of new things to share today.
I am so glad that you stopped by.

Guess? Do you know what this is?

I love the handles. They twine and twist like twigs.

A pretty old aluminum tray.
My Grand Mother had a few pieces of this
and as I kid I loved how it shined.

I picked up a set of sweet little French glasses.

And some new votive holders.
I'm all set for summer dinners.
How about you?
Did you have to get a few new things too?

I have been playing around with my camera
and taking pictures in the sun and
capturing pleasing shadows.

and sometimes not so pleasing.
Reflections of the flame.

A white glass flower pot to hold a Primrose.

A sweet lacy edge.

I love to use ivy on my tablescapes.
I don't put it in water I just lay
the sprigs around the table.
They keep fresh for quite some time.

It wouldn't be French Country without a rooster.
Why is that?

I love these salt and pepper shakers.
They are squatty and fat and
feel so good in your hand.
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~ ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~ ~

June 16, 2010

I Wish I Had A Horse. . .

A Bright and Shiny Horse.
A Horse I could Call My Own. . .
Remember this chipmunk song?
You may be too young to remember.
My favorite song when I was a kid.
I thought if I sang it really long and hard
my horse would appear.

This is what I saw when I looked out my
window one morning this week.

Was I thrilled or what?!
This is the first time there were horses
in this pasture.

Look, he spotted me taking his picture.
Lovely big work horses in the pasture next door.
They belong to the Mennonite neighbor up the road.
I was one of those kids who always wanted a horse. Still haven't got one.
But, we are getting closer wouldn't you say?

If you could see the farmers son bring the horses
down the road to the pasture
you may not believe it.
I got a good laugh the first time I saw him.
Picture this.
Teenage boy on a bicycle riding down the road
with the horses bridle in his left hand and
the horse walking along beside the bike.

Now you tell me but if that horse really wanted
to head in a different direction I don't
think the young boy on the bike
would have a chance of stopping him.

This is what goes on around here this time of year.

Makin' hay.

Wagons full so back to the barn.
Hope you enjoyed my pictures from
Lancaster County.
~ ~Ahrisha~ ~