July 23, 2010


There is something so pleasing about jars and jars of pickled red beets.
They glisten and glow that deep shade of red that I love.

Some of you have asked for my recipe so I'll include it here.
People who have had my red beets for the first time just love them.
I think it's because of all the spices I add to each jar.

Did you notice the sweet little label on the jar?
It was created by Kristen at Paper Crave.com
She has designed some lovely products.
Stop by for a visit.

Kristen did a guest post at Cottage-Industrialist.com
You can find the links for labels, recipe cards and invitations
to a Canning Party there. Print them off yourself.
Doesn't that sound like fun?

6 quarts of beets cooked, peeled and cut into wedges
(just eye ball the quantity)
Boil together in a pot and keep hot to fill jars~ ~
3 C. Sugar
7 C. Heinz Vinegar, it's the best
2 tsp. Salt
3-4 cups of water from cooking your beets
2 T. Pickling Spice
1 med onion sliced into rings
When sugar is melted add your beet wedges and cook till
hot through and through.
In each washed and HOT jar put ~ ~
1 Bay Leaf, 1 Clove and 3 peppercorns
Fill each jar with beets, then add the juice to cover
to 1/4" from top of jar. Put Hot lids on top and screw tight.
I keep my lids in a pot of boiling water and put them on
with a tongs and a dish cloth to tighten. I let mine sit on the
counter for at least 24 hours. Love the pings as they seal!
I have never had a jar not seal using this method but
you can process in a canner if you like.
Here is the Pennsylvania Dutch Country
we make Red Beet eggs.
They are a fine picnic food.
When you open a jar of Pickled Red Beets
pour them into a glass container and
add 6 whole hard boiled eggs to the beets.
Refrigerate overnight then enjoy your
lovely red eggs!

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July 8, 2010

Whats For Dinner?. .. and A Giveaway!

Hello Friends~ ~ ~
Do you love tomatoes? We do and all the roadside stands are
bursting with fruit and vegetables right now.
This plate was part of dinner. The meatless main course was
Corn On The Cob. For me it's not a side dish.

This lovely bowl of red beauties are my
heirloom tomatoes from last years garden.
Unfortunately this year we do not have a garden
but we do have the roadside stands.

More bounty from last years garden.
Thank goodness I did up all these pickled beets.
We have enjoyed them all winter and it's time to
begin again for the coming fall and winter.

Have you ever made
Tomato and Bread Salad?
We love it and here is how I make it.
First I heat a large fry pan with olive oil
and a few minced cloves of garlic. Add to this
about 3-4 cups of french bread cubes and toss
till golden brown.
Cube tomatoes in large chunks.
Slice a sweet onion into thin rings.
Add small mozzarella balls or grated cheese.
Fresh Basil leaves
Toss with your favorite oil and vinegar dressing.
Only make enough salad for your meal.
It does not keep well. Serve immediately.
I sometimes serve this on a bed of Fresh Basil
and mixed spring greens.

This was the main course for tonights dinner.
Fresh Sweet Corn.
~ ~ ~
Now we are getting to
The wonderful folks at Girards Dressings
contacted me and asked if I would like to try their dressings.
Of course I said YES.
Shame on me but I had never seen their
dressings in my local stores. Have you?
Well, this most lovely box of 4 dressings arrived tonight
just before dinner.
The packaging was beautiful and I was so excited
that I forgot to take pictures of it.
But here are 3 of the dressings.
~ ~ ~
Girards Signature Champagne Dressing
Peach Mimosa
Apple Poppyseed
As you can see I opened the Champagne dressing
and drizzled some over my corn on the cob.
Amazing~ ~ ~Try it yourself
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Did I mention that the Champagne Dressing drizzled over
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Thanks so much for stopping for a visit.
~ ~Ahrisha~ ~