November 22, 2010

Yummy Pumpkin Pie From Scratch

Have you ever made a pumpkin pie from scratch?
I recommend Martha's recipe.
The only change I make is using
4 cups of fresh pumpkin
instead of 3 cups.
I just process the pumpkin then add
everything else slowly to the processor.
Pour into shells, bake.
It looks involved but really if your just looking
at the custard part its so simple and
My Oh My, is it delicious!
Print it out and read it through, you will see.

I have been experimenting with different pumpkin's.
These 3 are from my neighbor George.
He is my source for all things that grow.
The 2 on the left are the two I have already
made pies with and I recommend both types.
The white one will made a pie, maybe next week.
We have been eating lots of pumpkin pies and
everyone is lovin' it!
I just cut them in half, scoop
out the seeds, put on cookie sheets
and bake at 350* till fork tender.
Time depends on the size.

I think a pumpkin is just the prettiest color.
I saved seed for next year just in case I
feel the need to grow a few myself.
This is the Cinderella Pumpkin.

Here are the resulting pies.
Instead of a rolled crust I love to use
Be warned, the taste is Divine but,
the crust may be soggy the next
day so you will have to eat it all the day it's baked.
I crush them in the food processor
mix with melted butter and sugar
and press into the dish.
Bake 10 minutes then cool before filling.

Stauffer's is a local bakery and I love their cookies.
They are widely available in these parts.
These Ginger Snaps have a real Zing!
They sort of bite your tongue back.
You can also have them shipped from their website.

Yesterday I took a walk around the yard and clipped greens for a centerpiece. Poked in a few artificial mums, some dried leaves. . .done.

Another project.
I love this simple polish.
It's a can full of wadding with the polish already applied.

A woman's work is not done yet. . .This is what awaits me tonight while I watch Dancing with the Stars.

I am linking this week to Marty @ Table Top Tuesday

Michael Lee West for Foodie Friday

Wishing you all a Blessed Thanksgiving.
I am Thankful for each one of you.
~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

November 1, 2010

My Cozy Corner~ ~

~ ~ ~Of The Sofa.
This is the place where I make my nest.
In this cozy corner I can spend
hours and hours
reading or knitting~ ~or just dreaming.
My angel watching over me.

I don't like the term Mom Cave because
this spot is to pretty to be a cave.
It's soft and warm and cozy.
Lit by an antique lamp that I love.
The lace curtains and a bit of lace over the
lamp shade create a soft glow at night.
Also on the shade are antique lace collars,
old millinery flowers and a fleur de lay pin.
A string of twinkling lights across the window
add to the romantic mood of the room

Plump down pillows can be arranged for comfort.
Hidden behind the sofa is a table and the stereo
playing soft jazz or Celtic favorites.

I love how the morning light filters through
the lace and falls on my nest warming it
for the first cup of coffee for the day.

I pull out one of my knitting projects and
knit as I have my coffee.
Other projects are stored in the old brown
suitcases that create a table by the sofa.

I love having my favorite books all around me.
Stacked on the floor and tables.

Decorating magazines are a weakness of mine.
For all of you friends with kitty's
this is a great hint for you.
My kitty loved the bullion fringe on the
sofa almost to ruin till I discovered
Double Sided Tape.
See it here on the corner of the sofa?
I stick long strips where he likes to
work on the fabric and his little paws
stick to the tape and frustrates the
heck out of him and off he goes.

As you can see below I am not a trendy person.
I love opulence and deep rich colors and some
creams to lighten it up a bit. I like to feel like
the room is circling me with arms of warmth
and comfort and I want my guests to feel it too.
I love feminine curves everywhere.

As for what I would like to add to this room with my winnings, how about a warm throw. It looks like Home Goods has a few that I could use. When I'm sitting quietly its nice to snuggle under for warmth.
This cream colored chair would give me the extra seating I need when friends stop by.

Some pretty glass objects on my new coffee table would be so nice.

What coffee table you say. How about this ottoman and tray from Home Goods.
I have finally decided on this combo for a coffee table so I can also prop my feet
up for comfort.

I would love some pretty boxes to store my knitting odds and ends in.
A beautiful picture frame would be so pretty too.
I do believe that I can easily spend the winnings of this contest to
further feather my nest!

I want to thank Susan of Between Naps On The Porch
and Home Goods for sponsoring this contest.
Be sure to stop over at Susan's and see
everyone who is participating.
If you have not been to Home Goods
be sure to check them out.
My thanks to both of you.
I am also linking to Cindy at My Romantic Home for
Show And Tell Friday.
Please visit these Sweet Friends
~ ~Ahrisha~ ~