June 13, 2012

A Little Of This And That

Hello Friends~ ~ ~
Sharing some of the fun things I have seen and been doing this Spring.
How do you like this Beetle?  Isn't she a Gem?

Saw her for sale on the way home from the beach.
She is PINK so she has to be a girl, right?

There was a red one too.
I can't stand it how  cute they are.
I love my silver Beetle but this is amazing.
Think I'm A little to old to be seen driving it but it sure does pull at my heartstrings.

While at Ocean City, MD I found this candy shop on the boardwalk.
Their candy is hand made and I purchased a pound of dark chocolate caramels

With sea salt on top! I highly recommend this candy.

Last fall Mom and I took clippings (slips) from our gernaniums.  They were first put into water till they grew roots.  Then we potted them into tin cans, just like Grandma used to do, and grew them on the window sills all winter.
They are now planted in the garden and doing well.
Pictures to follow.

This is a close up of Moms pride and Joy.  A lamp she got right after she and Daddy got married many years ago.  Actually there were two matching lamps but Daddy broke one of them many years ago but he blamed it forever on the cat.  So funny.  Daddy was quite a character.  Miss him very much and honor him this Fathers Day.

Wishing all of you a lovely Fathers Day.
~ ~Ahrisha~ ~