March 26, 2009

A Very Special Day

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Everyone just left to go home and it was a fun afternoon. I'm tired and happy, it was a very special day. Today I hosted a Luncheon for Mom's 88th. Birthday! Two of her sisters and a few cousins and friends were here. Here is the Birthday girl, doesn't she look great!

I used Mom's individual salt cellars, or just salts as they are sometimes called, at each place. Each salt has it's own little tiny glass spoon. I had some difficulity getting a good picture of the salts but if you look close at this place setting you can see the salt just above the center of the dinner plate.
I set one on a napkin hoping to get a good shot. Can you see it better? I used two different designs. They are very old and cut glass. I remember folks sometimes dipping the tip of their knife in the salt to sprinkle it on their food. I don't remember if the tiny spoons were as common as the salt cellars were. If anyone knows I would love if you would share.
Again I used my handmade tags as a place card/napkin ring and everyone took theirs home to use for fun. These were a more feminine theme with roses for everyone.
We started with a cheese spread and crackers and a Tangerine Ginger Punch. Then I served Mediterranean Chicken Couscous, a mixed green salad and garlic bread.
For dessert we had a favorite Coconut Cake and coffee. I always use Martha's recipe, it's a very moist and flavorful cake. We got caught up on current events with everyone and talked a little too about the past. We shared some stories and set the date for a family reunion in July.
A Very Happy Birthday To You Mom.


Cass @ That Old House said...

What a beautiful table for a birthday party, and a very beautiful birthday girl! My mother will be 88 on 3/31.

Love the salt cellars. I have some of my mother's; she had tiny pewter spoons for hers.

Thanks for sharing! Cass

Chari at Happy To Design said...

Hello Ahrisha...

What a lovely table...and just perfect for a birthday celebration! By the way, a big Happy Birthday to your mama!!! I can tell by the photos that all of your guests had a terrific time!!! I just love your place settings...of course, red transferware is my very favorite of dish patterns and yours are gorgeous!!! I love the decorated tags that you tied around the napkins...that's such a nice touch! Love your little crystal salt cellars too! You really know how to set a beautiful table and throw a party!!!

Warmest wishes,

susan said...

How lucky you are to have each other. I never run into the salt spoons when I am "antiqueing". Happy birthday to yur mom!

Sue said...

What a pretty tablescape you had for your beautiful Mom's birthday.
Thanks for stopping by my blog.
Happy Tablescape Thursday.

Kathy said...

Happy Birthday to your mum Ahrisha, your tablescape is lovely, I love those little salt cellars and your gorgeous dishes, Happy TT, Kathy.

The Stylish House said...

Hello Ahrisha...
What a lovely birthday for your mom! I used to live in Montana and found salt cellars & spoons for my mother in law for Christmas. I also found a Master Cellar. I was lucky to have found the spoons. I have moved around alot due to my husband's job and Montana had neat items that were not picked over like other areas and good prices.

susan said...

Ahrisha, I cut the bread first. Sometimes I put it back in the bread bag until I am ready to make the sandwiches. I just use plain old white bread--but not the really thick. Thin works better! Thanks for your comment!

Anonymous said...

You definitely have the gift of hospitality, Ahrisha! Your mom sure looks great and it's obvious everyone had a lovely time. That cake sounds delicious!


Helen said...

How perfectly lovely ... everything. Your mother, the food, the table and you!

jerseygirl211 said...


How lucky you are to have your Mother with you. And how lucky she is to have such a loving daughter and family and friends to share her day with.
Your table looks wonderful, I love Toile and just bought a set of Toile dishes, that I have to hide until I have the nerve to show them to DH. ;)

Enjoy your weekend....


jerseygirl211 said...


I never thought to call the store to see if they had them there. Usually when they are being sold like that they come from the warehouse, my son could have picked them up in Pottsville and saved me the shipping cost.
I know Mr,'B' very well, I worked for Boscov's on and off for 25yrs. He once asked me to be a buyer, I said I couldn't because my husband traveled so much for his job and I had to be home for our kids. He said, "Maybe we can clone you." LOL... He retired for a while, but it back in charge since they had to close some of the stores. I still keep in touch with many of the friends I made there.

Let me know what you think of the dishes when you get them. I got the Christmas set too, a few months back, and I love them.


jerseygirl211 said...

I didn't buy the Pussy Willow dishes, I just came across them while looking for pieces for my Grandmother's set. I would love them but just can't bring another set in the house or I'm afraid I'd be out the door. I thought I'd share the picture with the others.

I ordered the Toile before you mentioned that you were able to pick them up at the store, so mine are on the way to my son's. He'll bring them down next time he comes to visit.

I'm happy that you are pleased with the dishes, I wish you good food, and great times to be shared with family and friends when you use them.


Shay said...

That tablescape is lovely and the little yellow chick is so sweet. I'm sure it's vintage?

Arleen @ Seasons for All at Home said...

What a lovely party and table, and Happy Birthday to your mother! ~Arleen