May 20, 2009


Hello Friends~ ~ ~
Oftentimes inspiration appears in a blog as we are visiting our friends. To me that is one of the greatest things about blogging. The other day I was visiting my friend Kathleen's blog and her simple act of sharing her idea of how she makes doing the dishes more enjoyable struck a cord in me and sent me into the garden with a clippers to gather flowers.

This is the result of a trip around the garden with a shears and a mason jar filled with water.

It does make the kitchen much more enjoyable. Please visit Kathleen and see her pretty sink.

Have a flowery & wonderful day~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

May 15, 2009

Baking & Sewing

Greetings Friends~ ~ ~
I'm getting a few odds and ends done around here today and intending to get some man power to help me to move the newly painted table to the screen porch for weekend festivities!

Baked some coconut cupcakes for the weekend using Martha's recipe. It's my favorite coconut cake recipe. She calls them cupcakes but I have also used the recipe for cakes. My eggs were unusually large this week, I get them from a local farmer and they are wonderful, so it seemed that the recipe made more batter than usual. The recipe asks for 8 egg whites beaten till stiff and glossy. I got 27 cupcakes and 1 8" cake layer which I will freeze till I make the recipe again. Then I'll have 2 layers for a cake. Apricot Candy and Eternal Flame roses from my garden.

OK, it's time to make frosting. Where is all the confectioners sugar? Yikes! I've got 1 3/4 cup, that's it. Now what? Looking, looking through the cupboard no more sugar but what's this. . .Marshmallow Fluff, huh? This could work. So I whipped the butter till light colored and fluffy then added the whole 7 ounce jar of fluff. Whipped it up really good till light and fluffy again then added my sugar and beat it till fluffy again. Give this a try the frosting is Great! It's a lovely cream color for all us Shabby Chic Gals and it shines. Don't try it on a layer cake unless you smooth it over the top and let big globs of it drip down the sides, which would really look nice, it's very soft.

Sat down with a pile of recipes to sort and file and enjoyed the sweetness of my labors with a cup of coffee. Oh and that's very, very toasted coconut on top for a garnish. Put it in the oven and sort of forgot about it. Does this sound familiar?

Again you will see some bottles of Essential Oils. I keep them all over the house and apply topically or just smell throughout the day as an emotional up lifter. Essential Oils are so beneficial for the immune system and with all the talk about the swine flu we are committed to keeping our immune system in tip top shape.

Someone asked for a close up picture of the apron quilt I am working on so here it is. This is just one square of 16 to be completed. I appliqued the apron to the chicken wire square and sewed around the edges with a fancy bow like stitch. Only 15 more to go!

I have to tease you all just a bit with this next picture. You may know Diane Knotts who is a fabric designer for a company called Clothworks. I hope that info is correct Diane I did it from memory? Her designs are so much fun. While I was at the fabric store last week I happened to see a few bolts of her designs and I couldn't resist. This one is called "Just Desserts". It is the beginning of an apron. More to come later. If you love to sew be sure to visit Diane's blog.

Look more cupcakes! Have a wonderful weekend everyone~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

May 6, 2009

A Bit Of This and That

Greetings Friends~ ~ ~
Just like the title says. . .Waiting for the rain to stop so that I can begin the paint job on this table. Yes the white smears are dust from sanding. Yuck.

Sanded it last weekend and I'm so excited to get her done. She will be used on the screened porch this summer for outdoor meals. She was a gift from a friend. What kind of a friend would give you a table in this condition you ask? One who has great faith in my abilities to transform I guess or knows I love a challenge. She will be painted white. She came with 2 boards so she will seat 6 nicely. Hard to believe there is even a chance of getting a nice table out of this one. What a mess she is, but I love the simple lines!

Friday I am planning to visit here and purchase my heirloom tomato plants for the garden. If you are near Lancaster County, Pennsylvania this is the place to be Friday or Saturday of Mothers Day Weekend. The 23rd. Annual Herb & Garden Faire! Be sure to stop by the Yellow Barn and visit Kate. She makes the most delicious Dips & Spreads. I always have a few packages of her delightful recipes on hand.
This is one that I recently made for a gathering of friends.
This is the beginning of my first quilt. It has appliqued aprons on it and will be a tablecloth. Each apron is on a square of fabric with a chicken wire print. I'm working on it here and there as I have time. Who knows when I'll get it done but I am loving the process and that's the goal~ ~ ~Enjoy The Journey!

Sunday I'll probably visit here again, if the weather is clear. Love this place.

Enjoy YOUR Journey~ ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~ ~