January 23, 2013

Sweet New / Old Crystal Chandy

 A Dream Has Come True!
Isn't she a Beauty?

 I have been wanting an old crystal chandy for so many years.
A few months ago I want to an auction and there she was. . .calling my name.
"Ahrisha. . .Do you see me hanging here in the corner?"
"Take me Home."  She whispered.
That's a reflection of the Christmas tree in the mirror.  Yes, it's still up and I am lovin' it.

There is a tiny little metal tag wired to the top labeled "SPAIN".
Lots of bronze and crystals.  Just like I requested.
I am considering replacing the candles with new creamy colored ones with the drippy wax running down the sides.  What would you do,  Keep it original or replace them?
I hung her in a corner of the livingroom by the sofa for reading light.  I love to curl up here with a book.
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~ ~Ahrisha~ ~