February 26, 2009

Tablescape Thursday

Please pull up a chair and join me for lunch. Just the two of us so we can catch up. Honestly I would love to have lunch with each of you. There is a hand knit shawl waiting for you if you feel a chill pull it around your shoulders. Let me light the candles.

There is so much going on in Blogland that sometimes I feel it's hard to keep up. Susan at Between Naps On The Porch is hosting Tablescape Thursday and today I am going to play along.
Be sure to click on the title (above) to link to her site and see the list of everyone who is participating today.

I just love the tablecloth quilt that my Mother hand pieced and quilted for me. I have it on my table most of the time. The two white doillies were made by Mom too. They are tatted and each one is 8" across. Aren't they pretty? They look so nice with the white flowers and bird nest. She makes the doillies and sells them so if anyone is interested in hand tatted pieces contact me. She will be 88 years young next month and loves to do handwork. She really does the nicest work. Her stitches are even and perfectly worked.
The dishes are my new Spode Delamere pattern in red. I just love them. The little clear glass leaf plates were purchased years ago at an antique shop. The stainless is Onida. I have had this for years and I still love it.

I love the simple centerpiece of flowers in an old jar and the bird nest helps me to focus on the fact that Spring is not too far away!

Have a wonderful day and Thanks for visiting. ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

February 22, 2009


I thought this title is very appropriate for todays post. All day I have been using the essential oil of "Gratitude". This oil is a blend of many oils made specially to sooth the body and foster a grateful attitude.
Yesterday a small package arrived in the mail. It's always exciting when a package arrives but this one was special.This package contained my little birdies from the "Birds of Change" exchange. This was my first exchange or swap as they are sometimes called. Blogging has opened my world to many sweet people who I would have never meet otherwise. I have so many new friends and I am so Grateful! These are the 5 birds I received.

Aren't they the cutest! Imagine all the work that went into each little bird. The very bright one is made of some kind of dough almost like a cookie and painted. 3 are sewed and the fat little white birdie has blue ribbons for ears! Two are embroidered with flowers. Love the owl.

This was the deal. Make 5 birds of any substance you choose. Send them to the Mother Bird, Regina, who collected over 300 birds! She then sends you back 5 birds made by 5 different people. Can you imagine what Regina's house looked like with all those birds flying all over the house! Must have been fun.
Thank you everyone for sharing your talents and effort. These sweeties are perched on branches on my Valentine, soon to be Easter tree, and I am grateful! Some of you included cards with your blog addy and I will be over for a visit and to persoanlly Thank you.

If you would like to know more about Essential Oils and how they can made a huge and wonderful change in your life click on the word GRATITUDE in the title to link to my website.

Thanks for stopping by for a visit.

February 16, 2009

Belated Valentine Wishes To You

Hi Friends~ ~ ~

The weekend flew by and I didn't take the time to post and wish all of you a Happy Valentines Day. So, I really hope yours was very nice. Here is a little of what I did.

I had a cup of coffee with a friend. Starbucks of course. Just love their coffee especially their new blend Bella Vista.
I had recently purchased a few old Valentines, Birthday and Easter postcards that I want to share with you.

This red carnation is so pretty and the carnation is my birthday flower. The "P" in pink has little jewels on it.

I'm a sucker for roses so here is what I got. The postcards are really in great shape. Don't you just love the roses on this one. Sweet sentiments.
And. . Here are my new everyday dishes. They are Spode Delamere in Red and it is the color of Valentines Day and I love them I had to share. Gotta love ebay.

This sugar and creamer set is one I picked up years ago. Way back when I was doing blue in my house. It is old Cambridge Blue Swirl glass. I filled the sugar with pink sugar in honor of Valentines Day. Enjoy.
Happiness To You All
~ ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~ ~

February 8, 2009

Delight In The Day!

Yesterday I had one of those days where I didn't get as much done as was on my To Do List. I had planed to get a few things done around the house when I put down the vacume cleaner to take a break and noticed that the ivy in the sunroom needed water. Then I changed out some of my holiday decorations for some more Valentine decoration and all of a sudden it was 5:00 and I was still running the vacume. What's with that?? The I remembered that I had not shared my mirror with you. So I took a few shots. The rest of that stuff on the list will just have to wait.

My Beloved got this mirror for me at an estate sale a few years ago. It actually came with a dresser that I now have in the sunroom that I really need to paint. What color you say? Why white, of course. Anyway, the mirror has a shape that is not very pleasing so I set it aside and thought someday I'll deal with it but not right now. When we moved I wanted a mirror over the diningroom buffet. I considered purchasing one but you know I've got that not too stunning one in the garage, let's see what I can do with this. It was plain and simple so I went online and purchased some plaster flowers to attatch to the top center then I painted the whole thing white. So, What do you think? A little glue, a little paint~ ~ and Wha La!

I am keeping the glitter stars up all year because I like them. You can never have too much glitter! Silly me, but I love a little whimsy in my home so I went to AC Moores and got some glittery letters and put them across the bottom & top of the mirror.
When I'm looking in a mirror I want someone to say "You Look Fabulous" so that's what I put across the bottom. (Oh Yeah, I made cupcakes yesterday too.)

Across the top I put "Delight In The Day" because we all should shouldn't we? I just love the word Delight, it alludes to Lightness and Joy and it just makes me happy to say it.

The picture up top is the buffet decorated for Christmas and this is how it looks now. Love the rooster. Sorry about the picture quality but I found it difficult to get good shots of the mirrors. Thanks for stopping by.

February 4, 2009

Cats, A Joy In My Life

I would like to introduce you to two of the favorite men in my life. We have 2 wonderful kitty cats living with us. Both of them were strays and have decided that our house is a pretty nice place to live.

Our stripy friend goes by the name of Babaje. When he stoped by a few years ago he was so thin that it looked like he was just skin hanging on his bones. He was not even a year old then. So of course I had to feed him and now he is a healthy and happy kitty. He is the outside cat because he prefers it that way. On cold days he comes inside but mostly he likes it outside. He is not a lap cat but he does love it when you spend time with him and have a little chat. He loves being in on the conversation and I think he understands every word we say.

Our inside kitty is Spirit and he is the lap cat. Took me a long time to name him because I didn't want just any black kitty name for him, he was just too special. He helped me through one of the worst times of my life and is my favorite pet friend of all time.

One rainy night in August as I was getting ready for bed I heard this kitten crying outside. I went out to look and from across the street I heard the cry. I lived in the country, no street lights so it was very dark. I called to him and he called back and I could hear he was moving toward me so I kept calling and soon I saw this little black ball of fur roll down an 8 foot bank and onto the street. There was a car coming so I rushed out into the street and stopped the car so I could pick up the kitten. He fit into the palm of my hand so he was very young but he sure did have a big voice. I brought him into the house and fed him. I had to use a shoe box for a litter box because he was too small to get into a regular litter box. I guess he was about 5 weeks old.

I had seen what I believed to be his Mother who was black & white and pregnant go in and out underneath the porch across the street. My guess is that she decided to move her litter and as she was moving another kitten Spirit got scared and started to cry and run and he came toward the first friendly voice he heard which luckily was me. I have truely been blessed having him in my life.

Do you have a story about a pet that you dearly love? I would like to hear it if you want to share.