June 22, 2011

Feeling Sentimental

~ ~~Hello Friends~ ~ ~

Picked a few white grape leaf hydrangea this morning

and put them in this ruby vase.

So pretty! Love red and white.

Wanting to share with you a few pieces of cut glass

that belonged to my Great Grandmother.

I put a few things out on the dining room table

for you to see.
I recently hung the glittery Paris sign

on the chandy.

Sort of like it there, for now.

The stems are from the local Goodwill but they are so

thin and delicate and old. I just love them.

Sad that there were only three.

The four desert plates are my new love

green transferware. The pattern is Lyndon.

I'm having a little trouble finding pieces to match.

If you see any around in your travels

Please let me know!

Is lace a sickness? Gotta have it.

This little cut glass compote was my GG Mothers.
I love the feel of the cut glass,
the roughness of the edges.
Do you love cut glass too?

This small dish was hers too.
The light just sparkles through it.

I am finding it difficult to get good pictures of this
glass. Does anyone have any hints to share?

Ahhh, the spoons!

They are so pretty and they belonged to my
Fathers Mother.
The other pieces were my Mom's family.
I only have 6 spoons and that was
probably all the silver she had.
Given to me by my Aunt Mary.

She was a poor woman who immigrated from the Ukraine with her 3 children. I never knew her as she died before I was born. I often think of her and the strength she must have had to come across the ocean on a ship with 3 children early in the 1900's. I don't know the whole story and never will as all concerned are now gone.

These little lovelies were a recent purchase.
French Milk Glass.

The French Painted their milk glass.
I love the fleur de leis on this one.

Most times almost all the paint is rubbed off.

These are nice examples.

Still some paint left.

As I snapped this shot I thought. . .

I wonder if I could capture the smoke from the candle

if I blew it out?

Have a wonderful week My Friends.

~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

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