August 19, 2010

Cool, Crisp, Creamy and Refreshing

Hello Friends~ ~ ~
It seems to be a love or hate thing~ ~cucumbers.
Do you love or hate them?
It's 2 to 1 in our home.
The lovers Win!

I am making a big batch today so I will have some to share
with my neighbor who gave me the cucumbers.
So the Cuisinart came out to play.

I peel mine and cut the ends off.
Then into the Cuisinart to slice
with a 2mm blade.
I cut each one in half so they
fit into the feed tube.

Here they go and Oh don't forget to slice an onion too.

So pretty!

Soak them in cold salted water for about 45 min.
Drain well, I squeeze the water out of them
and pat with paper towels.

How for the recipe for my dressing.

Creamy Cucumber Salad
A few spoons of Hellmann's Mayo
(according to how many cukes you use)
a good quality vinegar to taste
cream to thin the sauce
salt and black pepper
Mix all with a whip.

Toss the cukes and the onions with
the dressing.


I love this for breakfast on a hot summers day.

Thanks for joining me today.
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~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

August 16, 2010

Just A Quick Question??

Would you or would you not want this beauty in your home?
I came across this lovely and am considering having it fixed up
and installed in the sun room just off the kitchen. Its a wood
burning stove and I am familiar with them as my Dear Aunt
Mary heated her old stone home with a similar but newer model.

Have you ever baked in a stove like this?
I wonder if I could bake a golden brown pie
in this oven?

Imagine 6 burners. I have only ever had 4.
There would be a hot tea pot of water at
the ready all winter long.

This part with two doors sits high above the stove top.
I don't even know if its an oven or a warming spot.

Here is the top laying on its side.
The green and cream enamel is so pretty.
The doors are the length of this piece.

If I installed this stove in the sunroom it would
also act as a heater in that room in the winter.
In the summer I would probably be
decorated and used for pretty.

So ladies, what do you think?
I'm linking to Susan for
Met Monday
because it would definitely be a Metamorphosis!

~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

August 4, 2010

Tin Can Vase?

Hello Friends~ ~ ~

Summer to me, means more casual dinners.
Relaxed entertaining.
Here is a great idea for a centerpiece.

Save a few of your tin cans and soak the labels off.

As a liner for each can I used a small bottle
or a plactic cup to put the water in.
I didn't want the cans to rust for this purpose.
Even though I do love the rusty look if you do
then skip the liners.
You could even set them outside in the rain
for a few weeks.

Fill with your favorite flowers from the garden.
Sometimes I even stop along the road for the pretties.

The Rose Of Sharon and yellow daisys
are from my garden.

The napkins are dish cloths,
good heavy cotton cloths.

I adore using side dishes that are unique,
I have two different patterns and both
of them are leaves.
Nature girl that I am.

This night we were having cucumber salad
as a side. Perfect for the white leaf dish.

A small touch of vintage lace on every table
is so pretty to me.
Votives and candles from
The Dollar Store.
Do you shop there for your tablescapes?
Lots of great buys.

Tablecloth is so old I don't remember where I got it.

Thanks for stopping by I appreciate it that
you took the time.
Its always nice to see your comments.
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~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

August 1, 2010

A Sunshine Yellow Ribbon

Hello Friends~ ~ ~
I have been collecting white flowers for some time now
and finally had enough to make a front door wreath.

First I went to the garage to get this.
The plan was to make the mess on the picnic table
and keep it outside.

Then I got all this out.
I started with the beige flowers but decided
I wanted white. . .all white.
I have a really dark front door.
White shows up great.
I hot glued moss to a 25 cent wreath I got
at a yardsale.
Then I just put glue on the ends of the stems
and stick them into the wreath.

All of these flowers were purchased at the Dollar Store.
So was the ivy and the moss.
The ribbon was $1 for 3 yards at AC Moore.
The whole wreath might have cost me $10!

I make my bows a little differently.
Sorry no pictures, its kind of hard to take pictures and
make the bow at the same time.
I cut about 12-14" of ribbon and double it up.
About 2" from the folded end twist a 12" wire
around the doubled ribbon and puff it up.
This is your center.
Let the tails fall down and trim them at an angle
when you wire the bow to the wreath.
Then I fold the rest of the 3 yards back and forth
to make the rest of the bow.
Take your center with the wire and wire this into
the center of the bow and twist the back.
Now you have a bow with a wire to wire to your wreath.

Hope you enjoyed this little tutorial.
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