October 23, 2012


Hello Friends~ ~ ~
I found this great little server and it is perfect for the small space I have.  The above picture is the finished color after I painted it with ASCP in Scandavian Pink first then Cream and a mix of cream and olive to make a sage color over the pink.  I did a sort of stippling over the pink with the cream and sage.
 The finish after waxing looks amazing.  Here is a close up.

 I love how the pink pokes out here and there.  I was careful not to fill in all the spots with the stippled colors.  The finished color looks like leather or suede.

The below picture is the beginning of the process.  Have you tried ASCP in Scandavian Pink yet.  I love the old world shade of pink that it is.



This pic above is the stippling that I did with the Cream and the Sage color that I mixed up.  It looks just awful till you first wax it with clear wax then with the dark wax to really blend the colors.  Then I wax it again with clear wax to further remove some of the dark wax.  I did not use the dark wax until I mixed it with a lot of the clear wax to tone the shade of brown that it is down to a lighter brown.  This technique works the best for me and makes it easier to remove most of the dark wax.

 After each waxing I let the wax dry overnight before I buffed it to a shine.  I'm not sure if you have to wait that long but it just worked for me.   Now scroll back up to the top picture to see the finished server again.  What a difference.  This technique is not for everyone but for just one piece here or there I love it. 
I am off to the garage to finish painting my new/old bedroom suite.  Gotta love this ASCP !

Sorry about the spacing of this post but I have yet to understand how to load my pictures.  If I attempt to move them around after loading I get big spaces.  I am at my wits end.  If you have suggestions I would love to hear them.
Thanks for stopping by for a visit.