January 30, 2009

Valentine Tree

Just can't seem to take the tree down this year. I'm having so much fun with it so I went to Michaels and got some valentines. I also made some old post cards from clip art I printed and pasted onto songbook pages. Tied a ribbon and hung them on the tree.

I changed out the glittery gold decorations to more icy wintery silver ones.

Looks kind of romantic doesn't it?

Do you decorate and make a big deal for Valentines day? I would love to hear some of your ideas.

January 24, 2009

Soup Swap Day Is Here

I am excited to share with you one of my favorite soup recipes and I hope that each of you will also share a recipe and a picture of your soup if you have one on your blog. Mr. Linky will be up later. Please add your blog post to the list so that everyone can visit your blog and try your recipe.

This recipe is a local favorite and often served at local restaurants, carnivals and fairs. I use local homemade noodles for my soup. I have included the name of the noodle and a phone number if you would like authentic Pennsylvania Dutch Noodles. Maybe they ship or they may be available in your area.

I am sure that there are as many different recipes for this soup as there are cooks but this is the one that we like.
Pennsylvania Dutch Chicken Corn Soup

1 3-4pound chicken
1 med. Onion, chopped
2 carrots large chunks
1 stalk of celery, chopped
2 Bay Leaves
1 tsp. Poultry Seasoning
½ tsp. Thyme
2 whole cloves
1 tsp. Salt
¼ Tsp. Pepper
Place above ingredients in a 16 qt. pot and cover with water.
Bring to boil then simmer till chicken falls off the bone. Cool.
Remove chicken from pot, debone and remove skin. Shread.
Strain broth to remove cloves, bay leaves, carrots, celery and onion.
Discard. Add chopped chicken back to pot.

I usually chill the pot overnight and then skim off most of the fat.
Rewarm. Then Add the ingredients below:

¾ pound wide homemade noodles cooked in salted water till done.
( I use a local product, “Little Barn” noodles made in Honey Brook,
PA. 610-273-4399.)

2 -15 ounce cans of yellow corn
2 carrots scraped and chopped coin size
7 hard cooked eggs, peeled and chopped
1 T. Parsley
Salt & Pepper to taste
2 cans chicken broth

Bring to a boil and simmer 30-40 minutes till carrots are done and to allow flavors to blend.
One lucky participant in the Bloggers Soup Swap will win this gift. All you have to do is post your recipe on your blog. Then come back here and link to your post. Winner will be chosen at random and announced next week.

January 20, 2009

Birds Of Change Giveaway!

Two giveaways in one week, Yeah! (scroll down to see the other one)
I have joined Regina at Creative Kismet in her Birds of Change Giveaway. What fun I have had making all these little birds to exchange with others. There were lots of old papers and glue and glitter and ribbon and jewels. It was a grand time.
The deal was that you make 5 birds however you choose that you can keep around the house year round. Send them to Regina who is the gatherer of the birds. She will then choose 5 birds of all the birds she received and send them back to me. So, very soon 5 sweet little birds will be arriving at my home to live with me. Can't wait to greet them!

Here is where you get to join in the fun!

I am giving this handmade bird away to one of my blog friends.

Click below this post to leave a comment before Friday January 23 @ 5 PM EST. and one of you who comments, will win my sweet little singing bird.
Many other amazing crafty bloggers have offered to giveaway a bird as well. After you leave your comment here check them all out. To see the list click on this posts title for the link. If they haven’t posted their giveaway yet, please check back. Lots of great chances to win a pretty birdie craft. Good Luck to everyone!

January 15, 2009

Lace Knitting Question

I hope there are some knitters who are visiting and will voice their opinion here.

I am fairly new to lace knitting and I always have a time deciding what size needle to use for lace. I started swallowtail with a heavier yarn then called for and a #6 I think and now I think I should have gone down a needle size or 2??? How do you decide? Is it just a matter of personal taste, or should lace look a certain way? Are there hard and fast rules for lace work?

This is a scarf I started and now it just sits because I can't decide to go on or rip it out and begin again with smaller needles. The yarn is Schaffer Anne to give you a reference. What size needle do you use for Anne?
Myself is thinking that since there is a question in my mind that in itself is enough. I should really rip it and go for a 2 or 3 needle. The part that really bothers me are the stitches within the medallion seem too large.

January 12, 2009

Bloggers Soup Swap Day

I wonder what is bubbling in this pot? Pennsylvania Dutch Sausage Stew for dinner tonight. Don't you all love a bowl of steaming hot soup when the weather turns cold? Well so do we and this is predicted to be our coldest week so far this winter.As I posted last week Saturday January 24 is National Soup Swap Day and I am going to do my part here at Joyously Living Life by hosting a Bloggers Soup Swap Day. These are the guidlines for the Bloggers SSD. Guidelines for the National are a little different and can be accessed by clicking on the title of this post for the link. You may want to host a Soup Swap at your house and post pictures of the event.

Make your favorite soup and post a picture of it on your blog on January 24. Also post the recipe for your soup so that bloggers everywhere can enjoy your soup too. That's it, sweet and simple and imagine all the wonderful recipes we will all share. Please describe your soup and maybe a little story about how you came to have the recipe. Post your contribution then return here and use Mr. Linky to link to your post so that everyone can visit you for the recipe. Ask your friends to join us too. The more the merrier.

~ ~ ~News Flash~ ~ ~

Bloggers Soup Swap Give Away:

One lucky person who participates in the BSS will receive this little gift from me.
The winner will be randomly chosen by me and receive a Lovely Big carved wooden soup spoon, a dish towel and a pair of 11" hand dipped Amish candles direct from Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

January 9, 2009

New To Me

Got a new chair. Well, maybe not new but you know what I mean. It's the best kind of chair it's one I can be creative with. This chair was given to me by my friend Joy. Joy is the best kind of friend too because she gives me her hand me downs. Kind of like having the sister that I never had. Thanks Joy.When she dropped it off she said, You aren't gonna paint it white are you? I believe she knew the answer to that before she voiced the thought.
So, I've been thinkin' and thinkin' about this chair. Finally Monday I decided to make a move. Went to the "Interior Alternative" fabric outlet. Walked in the door and right there in front was a big table with fabric remnants on it. This flowered fabric was the first piece I picked up and after browsing the whole store it was still the one I liked best. Found a cute little plaid to use for the cording. All this for about $30.00. I was thrilled at how well the green background of the fabric matched the green leaves in the carpet in the livingroom. Everything in this house from carpets to wallpaper is patterned so I thought Why not throw in another pattern! Can't help myself, I love roses.
Now is probably a good time to say, I have never covered a chair before. I'll take all the hints you can send my way. Thanks and cross your fingers for me. I'm hoping to take the chair apart this weekend. Oh Yes, and then I'll paint the chair white.

January 7, 2009

National Soup Swap Day

National Soup Swap Day is January 24. I'll be having a few friends over to chat and swap soups. You might like to join us at my home if you can. You are all invited. If not why not host your own Soup Swap. Details are on the site linked here. Everyone invited brings 6 quarts of homemade soup to swap. In exchange you will go home with 6 different soups to stash in your freezer till you need a quick hot meal. Sounds like a great deal to me. At some of the swaps prizes are given. I am also going to ask each gal to bring copies of her recipe to share with everyone. I will also have favors for each gal. Haven't decided what to serve yet but a big pot of soup seems appropriate. Can anyone out there in Blogland think of other ways to make this a fun day?
This picture is my "Cream of 2 Potato Soup" and I'll post the recipe later.

January 3, 2009

A Little Story About a Quilt

I am so happy that all of you stop by now and again to visit. I would love to sit down with each of you and have a cup of tea, cookies and a chat. I guess this little story is as close as we will come to that.
Before we all moved to this new house Mom and I choose fabric for a quilt that I asked her to make for me. I have always wanted a tablecloth quilt for my diningroom table. I love the cozy look and feel it gives a room. I really don't remember when we choose the fabric for the quilt but it was much before we made the decision to move into this new house. The quilt was pieced before we moved but not yet quilted. Well, the quilt is now finished and I want to share it with you.
My Mother is 87 years young and just as quick as a little bird. She pieced the quilt on her Bernina machine and quilted it by hand, every little stitch, on her Mothers quilt frame. We set the frame up in her livingroom and for a few weeks it seemed she quilted in every spare minute. What a wonderful gift! Thanks Mom.
I wish you could see the tiny perfect stitches she sews. She is just amazing. The pattern is a Log Cabin. I find it amazing that this quilt, started before we moved into this house matches the colors of the house so well. The houses main color scheme is cream & wine.