April 28, 2010

Lace Tablecloth Give-A-Way

Hello Friends~ ~ ~

I love this shot of the scalloped edge of the table showing through the lace!

I was shopping today and got a great deal on this amazing tablecloth/shawl and of course I thought of all of you and how you might love it too so I bought a few. You really could wear this piece of lace, the hand is so lush.

It has a beautiful feather pattern and fringe!

This shot is with my flash so you can really see the detail.

I adore these china plates with the white poppys.
A flea market find at a steal for 6 plates for $15.00!
Can you believe it?

They look so pretty with the lace cloth.

Something about lace just makes me swoon.
How about you?

I promise to share with you about the script candles at a later time.

Would you like to win this lace cloth?

There are 3 ways to enter. Do 1, 2 or 3 but each time you must come back here and comment again. If you choose to enter all 3 ways you should have 3 comments.
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For a third entry post about the give-a-way on your blog
then come back and tell me.

Oh my gosh, look at the drape on this cloth.
Good luck to all of you
Contest ends Midnight EST Wednesday May 5

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Food always tastes better when served
on a beautiful table and this cloth is
deserving of your finest meals.

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April 22, 2010

A Tiskit A Tasket A Pink And White Basket

Beautiful Flowered Plates

Crystal salt and pepper

Crystal wine glasses and napkins

Stirling Silver All In A Basket. Ready for a Spring Picnic.

The plate in the front is Limoges and I won it in a give-a-way at Rachelle's blog. I was so thrilled because I am beginning a collection of at least 12 pink flowered plates. These are the first two.

If you have an odd pink flowered plate just taking up space you know where to send it. My idea is to set a table with a different plate for each place and allow the guests to choose their favorite plate. Allowing my guests to create the seating arrangement. I'm looking forward to using them but for now with only two plates it's a picnic for my Beloved and I.

A Romantic Picnic For Two.

My buy-of-the-century silver.
Six place settings for $25.00!

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Wishing you an Amazing Weekend!
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April 15, 2010

A Simple Luncheon

Hello Friends~ ~ ~

You are invited for a luncheon come on in and pull up a chair. We are having a big salad some crackers and Iced tea. It was so refreshing last week when the temps were in the 80's around here for a whole week. I was lovin' it.

I used my Buy Of The Century silverwear which we have been using every day since I got it. I paid $25 for 6 place settings of silver. Can you believe it? I mixed it today with my black handled vintage knives that were a gift.
The napkins are kitchen dish cloths I bought last summer on the cheap and I really do use them a lot because they wash up so nicely. I got two different patterns. Love plaid.

The glasses are Princess House from years ago.

Please notice the placemat set of 4. Mom has been sewing again and she would love to sell these placemats. If you have an interest they are $15.95 plus shipping for the set of 4. The table runner is an additional $7.95. I love reds and this set has an Italian flair with the olive oil and salad bowls. It really is sweet and sets a nice table.

I choose to only use placemats today which I hardly ever do. My dining table has a glass top to protect the wood finish and I don't like the noise it makes when the dishes are moved around on it. I much prefer the silence of a tablecloth. How about you?

Here is a shot of the placemat set. Mom really does nice work. She is a great seamstress still at 89 years young.

This is another set Mom has for sale if you are interested please let me know. These cupcakes are so cute. They would make a sweet party table.

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Make It A Wonderful Weekend
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April 9, 2010

Buffet Before and After

Hello Friends~ ~ ~
This is the after shot. Not to everyones
taste but a little whimsy is good in my
house. Wait till you see how ugly
and dirty it was.
After seeing some of the painted furniture out there I got to thinking if only I was an artist. I've got this ugly buffet that I need to do something about. Because of all the panels on it I was thinking a fancy paint job would look great.
This is a shot Before the transformation. I really disliked the wide gold rim around the edges and panels.

Do you get so excited about a project that you forget to take a before shot? I had the buffet all pulled apart before I remembered.

First I used my Cottage White paint and painted the piece and rubbed some off to let the original yellow cream color show through.

Above, drawers before.

Above drawers painted. The centers will get papered.

Above drawers finished.
I used Mod Podge to glue the paper and as a top coat.

This top drawer is papered with a paper I printed at the Graphic Fairy. If you are not familiar with her she shares, bless her, the most beautiful vintage graphics for our use. Thank you Karen.
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I almost papered all the drawers with the script but decided I wanted more pizzaz.

Both sides of the piece are done with this lavender print.
Ta Da! I love it, let me know what you think.
I will be doing the top in a harlequin pattern and I need some suggestions about which 2 colors you would use for the top. Please leave a comment with your suggestions. Thanks so much.

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April 1, 2010

Spring Wishes For You

Greetings Friends~ ~ ~

Isn't this the cutest little lamb you have ever seen? Perfectly sweet for Easter. Her name is Olympia and she lives on the farm with a knitting friend Kristin Nicholas. Kristin is a famous personality in the knitting world and has written a number of books. She also designs patterns and she knit this floral lei specially for Olympia.

To see the greeting cards Kristen has made up for purchase visit her farm blog. From there you can link to her shop where she sells all sort of knitting goodies.

I hope that Kristin will keep us updated on the progress of Olympia as she grows up.

I have something else to share with all of you that I am truly thrilled about. It's been a long wait but these are tiny apricot trees that I started from seed last summer! We had gotten some of the most flavorful and sweet Apricots that I had ever eaten and the decision was made to grow trees from these seeds. I did some research and found that apricot seeds need to be in the dark and cool for MONTHS for them to sprout. I put 8 seeds in a plastic bag of soil and tucked it in the back of the fridge. This was in September of last year. Every few weeks I would check them for a sprout.

Finally a few weeks ago I saw that two of them had sprouted little leaves so I gave them a new home each in it's own pot. I carry them outside on sunny days and put them in a shaded spot to get them acclimated to the outside.

Four of the 8 seeds I put in the fridge sprouted roots and only 2 so far have leaves but I am pampering them and I have high hopes for 4 lovely trees with luscious fruit. See the tiny clump of dirt beside the bean can they were all about the same size.
I use bottle caps to cover the holes in the bottom of my pots so the water can run out but the soil stays in.

Here they are all potted up. I remember that my Grandmother would put flower slips in cans and line her window sills with the cans during the winter so I thought a can may infuse the soil with helpful minerals so I tried one in a can. We shall see.
Grandmother always had window sills full of flowering geraniums all winter. In the summer she put them out in her flower beds. Then in the fall she broke slips off the plants and put them all in cans again. Quite a money saver with the price of geraniums if you have wide window sills and no cats!

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