May 12, 2014

I Would Like You To Meet My Neighbors

 She is so sweet. 
She and her friends live just down the street in the buttercup pasture.

This is my hard working neighbor plowing the fields for planting.

This is tobacco planted in the field. 
Lots of tobacco is grown in Lancaster County.

 Many buggy's are driven here instead of cars. 
The Amish and the Mennonite.

The Mennonite drive black carriages and the Amish drive gray carriages.

They do not call them buggy's (we do, the English)
Got to get the lingo right.
They call them carriages, so says my Amish friend.

The children who cannot fit in the carriage ride their bike behind.
The whole family gets to their destination one way or another.

This is George.  He is all around the neighborhood in his green wagon.

Children walking to school by our house each morning.

One of many horses living near by.

Enjoy your Spring, wherever you are.
~ ~Ahrisha~ ~