May 10, 2011

My Favorite Local Faire

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Quaint and beautiful little house. Actually it is an 1800's tavern. It is a part of the Landis Valley Museum. If you ever get to Lancaster County, PA. be sure to visit the museum. What it is is a small village built in the 1800's by John Landis and his family. These two pictures are of the tavern.

This building is just behind the tavern. Beautiful stonework. The Pennsylvania Germans are an industrious bunch, of which I am a descendant.

Every Spring they host an Herb Faire during Mothers Day Weekend. It is my favorite faire to visit. For many years it was the only place locally to purchase heirloom vegetable plants. They really do taste better than the newer varieties. Try them if you haven't.

This Celsiana rose is one of the oldest varieties known. I was told it's first recorded appearance was in the 1500's. Three years ago I purchased this rose and it is now four feet tall with some canes growing to 8 feet and into it's neighbor a Crepe Myrtle. The fragrance is amazing.

The vendor selling these old roses is dependably at the faire every year as so many others are.

This is so much fun. It is the kitchen in the tavern. All day they demonstrate cooking.

How would you like to cook in this kitchen?

Making Bread.

How about this state of the art 1800 toaster?

I didn't notice the electric cord till I got home and looked at the pictures.

The fire for the oven is out back.

Honey, would you run outside and put another log in the fire

so I can bake the bread.

The homes in this village are beautiful.

Notice the man making and selling brooms by the fence.

Most of the homes are opened for viewing.

The building above is the General Store. It is stocked with antiques of the era.
Each home has a knowledgeable host inside to tell you the story of the home.

These next few shots are of the home of John and Elizabeth Landis founders of the village. The brick beauty above is the Landis home.

Lovely fireplace in the parlor.

The kitchen, love the colors.

One side of the home is a combo of brick and stone.

Looking down the street toward the faire.

Beautiful old shutters.

We had so much fun and I did purchase the Graham Thomas rose that I was searching for. What joy!

Hope you enjoyed the tour.

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May 2, 2011

Can You Solve This Riddle?

When is a rose not a Rose but

A Gourmet Delight?

Give up?

When It is A Julia Child.
That is the name of this delicious little rose.

Of course with my love of food and cooking

I had to buy it!

I went to the local greenhouse to purchase a Graham Thomas Rose. After seeing all the beautiful pictures in Blogland I was smitten. Alas, no Graham Thomas. GT is also a yellow rose and yellow roses are my favorites. Then I spied this beauty and when I saw the name, well, you know how it is.

This picture is the metamorphosis, the fresh young bud and the tattered old flower.

This is what the tag on the rose had to say about her.

All roses are female ~ ~ Right?

Butter Gold - Floribunda 2006

Just before our wonderful American icon left us, she selected this exceptional rose to bear her name. Julia loved the even butter color and the licorice candy fragrance. Yet it wasn't just the old-fashioned blooms that inspired the recipe. The perfectly rounded habit, super glossy leaves and great disease resistance finished off the dish. An awesome AARS award winner-a right and proper honor for a dear friend.

Isn't that lovely?

I adore roses that show their centers. Many of the tea roses do not when they open. I love the contrast between the silken petals and the wirey stamens in the center.

The rose is only about 4" across but I love the shabby ruffled look of it.

How about you. Do you prefer a perfect rose to a shabby one?

Since we are talking roses, here is a hint for you when cutting a rose or trimming your rose bushes. When you cut a stem look to see which side of the stem the next 5 leaf, not 3 leaf stem is. Always make a cut just above a 5 leaf stem. Now, since the new branch will form opposite the 5 leaf stem, will it be growing in the direction you would like to see it grow. If you want it to grow inward to fill out the bush, great. Maybe you want it to grow outward to even out and fill out that side of the bush. Not rocket science but a good tip.

Hope you enjoy this flavor of Lancaster County.

One of our many covered bridges.

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