July 9, 2009

Berry Good Time of Year

Greetings Friends~ ~ ~

We are eating lots of these lately.

The berries are so big and sweet this year.

I love them best with lots of whipped cream!

As I was preparing the berries I had some help. Spirit the cat has a stool of his own in the kitchen because if he didn't he would be on the counter assisting. From his stool he is high enough that he can see what's going on without having his nose in the berries.

I also had to share a picture of sweet Babaje, who is the outside cat. He patrols the grounds and guards the place. He is fierce and loyal, the Best Friend.

My thanks to Designs by Gollum for hosting Foodie Friday. To see more lovely pictures and possibly some recipes please visit Miss. Michael for the links.
Make it a wonderful weekend~ ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~ ~


The Quintessential Magpie said...

Ahrisha, those berries look delectable. I had organic blueberries the other night and throughly enjoyed them. Whipped cream sounds good, too!

Happy Foodie Friday...


Sheila :-)

a quiet life said...

berries are nice, but kitties rule!

Foley said...

I wish the berries would stay in season year round..can never get enough of them!
Spirit looks alot like my Louis...lol

Poppedijne said...

My Jack (Maine Coon) is just the same as your cat.As soon as I get cooking he is in the kitchen and sits in my chair half hidden under the tablecloth!!
He probebly would not have his head in the berry's but in the cream, I pressume!

Mary Bergfeld said...

Berry patch season is one of the best of the year. Our favorite here (Oregon) is the Marionberry. The gorgeous color of your berries has set my mouth to watering. Have a wonderful day.

Bob said...

I like the bowls and plates that you have your berries in. Bob

SavoringTime in the Kitchen said...

There is nothing better than berries and whipped cream ~ Delicious!


Birdsong said...

Ooh, yummy! I am enjoying berries with lush yogurt from St. Benoit, a fairly local artisanal company. Your kitties are so sweet.

Anita@Theycallmejammi said...

Thanks for visiting me and your nice comments. The berries look delicious and I love the container for the whip cream...and the milk bottle. Yummy.

Bill said...

Hi Ahrisha, thanks for stopping by and leaving the thoughtful comments. I've been enjoying looking at some of your recent posts. The berries, dishes, and cats in this one are all great!

My mother used to (frequently) say "Many hands make light work."
I don't know the origin, but she would use it two slightly different ways:
1. to celebrate how well and how quickly a job was going and
2. to say 'c'mon boys, let's get this work done.'

Anonymous said...

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