December 11, 2008

New Knitting Project

Started working on the gold scarf/shawl in the new Vogue magazine. The one made with Tilli Tomas Rock Star yarn which I happened to have in my stash. I love when that happens. Shopping my stash is so fullfilling! It's a simple pattern and still I had to start 3 times till I was happy with the results. First I just plain goofed the pattern up. Then I decided to use needles one size larger, bad idea.On the third try I went back to the size 9 needles and love it. The yarn is 100% silk with beads which is a little tricky to knit with depending on where the bead falls in the stitch. Oh my, the drape with this yarn is amazing. I'm in love. This is a pic of my progress so far.

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