December 26, 2008

Christmas Fun

Hope all of you had a wonderful day yesterday. We had a family meal together sharing stories and lots of fun. Mom and I did the cooking and we also made some cute name card (cones?) for each person at the table. I used old sheet music and wrapped it into a cone. Then we stuffed them with grass and tied a ribbon on each one so they could be hung on the tree. We also tied a charm or a silver glitter bell on each cone. The I put a name card on each cone and hid a fortune from a chinese fortune cookie down inside each one. The girly cones have pearls strung across each one. I was so happy with the way they turned out. Some of them are now decorating Mom's Christmas tree.

I also wanted to share with you my glittery trees on the livingroom buffet. They are nothing more then wood covered with glitter but I just love the look. Something about them just screamed~ ~Take me home. They look great sitting on a bed of greens.
Oh no, How did these cute guys get in this Christmas post? Just had to share, are we planning ahead or what ? Yes we are, always. Gotta love TJ Maxx. I'm considering leaving the white tree in the living room up and decorating it for Easter. No wait, Valentines day is next. I have always had a real tree before this year and by the end of January the needles were all gone so the tree had to go. This fake tree could be the start of a new love affair I can leave this baby up all year. Is there anyone out there who does this? I need someone to brain storm with.


jerseygirl211 said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. It's nice to meet you. We moved here from Pottsville, Pa. 1999 and have been going to Victoria's for their buffet every year since. The food is always fantastic, we have to make reservations by Thanksgiving or it's hard to get a table. There aren't many places open for Christmas, I guess that's why they are so busy.
Lancaster is a beautiful area of Pa. not like Pottsville, since it's a coal region. I've been to Lancaster many times, I worked for Boscov's and we would often go to their store there. Plus I have girlfriends living in York and Christiana and when visiting them we would go to Lancaster shopping.
Thanks again for the visit, enjoy the rest of the holidays.


Betty said...

I've been reading through your beautiful blog! Thanks for visiting me. I think your home is so pretty! I'd love to see your white tree decorated for spring! I love all of your white furniture. I'm finally going to paint my china cabinet white as soon as the weather gets better.

Helen said...

I don't leave my tree up all year .... but once when the Vikings were playing in the Super Bowl I swore I wouldn't take it down until they won. Of course, they have never won and ultimately I took the tree down - but not until mid-February!