October 9, 2013

Great Lighted Pumpkin Decor

Seems that many of you already have your Autumn Décor finished. 

I love seeing what you have done.
Last week it was in the 80's here and I was loving it

This week the temp is in the 70's.  A bit cooler but still not Fall to me. 

My little Halloween witch was calling so I unpacked her and got busy.

 Then these came in the mail.  Oh Joy!  My lighted wax pumpkins I ordered from QVC.
Do you Q?  I love staying home and doing my shopping at QVC.  They have such unique items.
(They are not paying me for this I am just sharing them because I love them)
The pumpkins came in a set of 4.  I'll share the item # so you can easily find them if you like them too.  (#H200893)  These are called the Toile set.  There were two other designs but this one is sweet.  What do you think?

I mixed them up with other décor I had from years ago.

 Some silk leaves, Indian corn and little white pumpkins I got at the roadside stand and a few brown books to add height.
 Each pumpkin has two AA batteries and a timer.  Each night they come on automatically at the same time and stay lit for 4 hours.

 Our house is a Bi-level and the railing usually installed by the contractor in the entrance way steps was replaced by a half wall that I just love to decorate for all the seasons.  It is in the living room and is also seen in the foyer.

It is almost like decorating a mantle. . .long and narrow.  I kept it simple because we have a new little kitten.  If you  have a kitten you know what I am talking about.  Everything is fair game as a toy!
Anyone know what I have to do to make my picture size larger?  I can't seem to locate where to change it.  

Thanks for stopping by for a visit.  I love reading your comments.
Make it a Great day.
~ ~Ahrisha~ ~


Barbara F. said...

Ahrisha!! My day has been so good so far, and now I see a post from you! Love it. Your fall decor looks wonderful, and I most certainly "Q", too. For over 20 years. I am still in the throes of fallification and hope to take photos and post soon, if it turns out OK. Congrats on the new kitty, what is her/his name? Love to your mom. xo

Sandy said...

Love your lighted pumpkins. They are lovely. I've never shopped QVC. But I do internet shop (Amazon for example). You should be able to resize your photos by clicking on them and choosing the size you want when in the edit mode for your post. That's how I resize mine. You have to do each one separately.

~ ~ Ahrisha ~ ~ said...

Thanks gals for the help on enlarging my photos. It worked. Bloggers are the Best!

Barbara, so are too sweet. Thanks for the kind words.
~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

Donna said...

I love the pumpkins you ordered from QVC. I just received a package from them today. Gonna check these pumpkins out right now. You did a beautiful job.

Kathe said...

Ahrisha, thanks for sharing the item # for those pumpkins! I <3 them to pieces! I will be checking them out for sure with fingers crossed that they are not sold out of them!!