December 30, 2011

Do You Think I'm A Little Late?. . .

I just put the tree up!
Got The flocked tree I have always wanted. It is slim so it will fit nicely in the livingroom. The little tree we had this year will go in the entrance way at the top of the steps next year.
Found some beautiful glass ornaments at KMart. If you are interested in silvery gray ones, yes gray glass ornaments rush over to KMart now. They were stunning but do not match my house so I got the wine colored ones.

Finally got it put together and the lights lit so it will stay up for a few days. See all the snow on the floor. Better get busy cleaning up.
A few pictures of what I have been doing this month.

This is a little of what I have been doing for the last month. What a armful of JOY! Remember I said that the kittens will be staying outside. Well that didn't last long.

I named them after my favorite candy Licorice and Caramel.

Wrapping gifts.

Citrus Marmalade.

I got the recipe from Kathy at A Delightsome Life. I used Kamquats and oranges from our trip to Florida earlier in the month.

Baked my favorite cookies Russian Tea Balls.

Baked cut out Sand Tarts from a recipe I have been using for many years. Cute cutters, don't you agree? The one in the front was my Grand Mothers.

Got a great new cookie sheet. It is very heavy and does not bend in the oven heat. It has a big lip all the way around to keep it strong and I forgot to put the pic of the wrapper in the post. Does anyone know how to add a photo and work it into the post just where you want it, after the fact? I cannot move my pictures around once they are downloaded to the post. Is this normal?

I can't Click and Drag in my blog posts. Used to be able to but no more. If you know how Please let me know.

I store my cutters in this basket on the dining room floor. They are just to pretty to store away.

More kitten photos. These two have been so much fun and a comfort as I lost my Beloved Black cat Spirit in November. He was my best fur friend for over 11 years and it was so difficult to let him go.

Look at that smile! Yes I do believe it is a smile.

A last little photo of Licorice who will not be outdone by his sister Caramel.

Wishing You An Amazing 2012!

~ ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~ ~
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Deb said...

Cutest little smile ever. Wishing you also a very Happy New Year. Look forward to more posts in 2012. Hugs, Deb=^..^=x4

Barbara F. said...

You were busy, I see. Your new tree is very pretty. I wanted to get a new one myself but went out too late, I guess. Those kitties are the cutest and I love their names. Happy New Year to you, and give your Mom a NY hug from me. xo

Barbara F. said...

NY hug as in New Year, not New Yawk! Hoping to get down to your beautiful area and visit some antique places and maybe that fair in May! xo

Nancy's Notes said...

What a gorgeous tree! Oh no, it's never to late to put up a tree! You've been a busy lady, all of your treats look heavenly and your kitties are precious too. Happy I found your blog!

Happy New Year~

Marigene said...
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Marigene said...

Girl you have been busy!
Beautiful kitties...I am partial to orange tabbies and calicoes, as I have both.
Can't you just go to your dashboard, then click onto edit, to do any editing, that is what I do to add or delete after I have posted.
Happy New Year, Ahrisha!

bj said...

What beautiful cats and I love their names. :)
Thanks for coming by .....
Your tree is beautiful. I think I will add snow to mine next year.
Have a great New Year.
xo bj

Richard Cottrell said...

Looks like you had a beautiful Christmas. i hope this is the best year ever for you and every one else. best wishes from My Blog to Yours. Richard from My Old Historic House.

Bohemian said...

Never too late to put the perfect Tree up IMO *winks*... and I love flocked Trees too... no Snow here in the Desert so flocking is the closest thing we'd get to it.

Must call you at the beginning of the New Year and order more of that pain relief roll-on... The Man inadvertently knocked the bottle off the dresser and broke it... Princess T and I were very upset, she uses it for her growing pains and I use it for pain... well, everywhere at this Season of Life *winks*... May 2012 hold many Blessings, special Memories and endless possibilities for you my Friend!

Happy New Year from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

Tami said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog. I'm glad you liked the Mummer's pictures my husband took. I see you live in Lancaster. That's not too far from where I live! In fact we have to travel to Lancaster for quiet a few of my sons' games. I enjoyed looking at your Christmas photos. You have a gorgeous home. And the kittys are too darn cute!

Rettabug said...

Aren't those kitties precious?! Pat each one for me, please?

I think its great that you've had your Christmas tree up to enjoy it. It looks lovely! Mine is still up because I can't carry it downstairs with my sore ankle. I may put Valentines on it, the way things are going.

I would love to taste that citrus marmalade...we had access to all the free kumquats we ever wanted when we lived in FL & I never knew what to do with them. Phooey!

Hoping you're having a good start to 2012, Honey & BTW, I LOVE your pretty new hairdo!


Jules said...

How lovely to meet you and thank you for visiting and staying! Sorry I can't help with the photo thing all I do is reduce them to smallest and then drag (sometimes works sometimes I lose and have to start all over again!!!) Now I write then load each image where I want it when. Love your kittens and hey there will be stories about antiques as I am collector!!!!!!!!