June 22, 2011

Feeling Sentimental

~ ~~Hello Friends~ ~ ~

Picked a few white grape leaf hydrangea this morning

and put them in this ruby vase.

So pretty! Love red and white.

Wanting to share with you a few pieces of cut glass

that belonged to my Great Grandmother.

I put a few things out on the dining room table

for you to see.
I recently hung the glittery Paris sign

on the chandy.

Sort of like it there, for now.

The stems are from the local Goodwill but they are so

thin and delicate and old. I just love them.

Sad that there were only three.

The four desert plates are my new love

green transferware. The pattern is Lyndon.

I'm having a little trouble finding pieces to match.

If you see any around in your travels

Please let me know!

Is lace a sickness? Gotta have it.

This little cut glass compote was my GG Mothers.
I love the feel of the cut glass,
the roughness of the edges.
Do you love cut glass too?

This small dish was hers too.
The light just sparkles through it.

I am finding it difficult to get good pictures of this
glass. Does anyone have any hints to share?

Ahhh, the spoons!

They are so pretty and they belonged to my
Fathers Mother.
The other pieces were my Mom's family.
I only have 6 spoons and that was
probably all the silver she had.
Given to me by my Aunt Mary.

She was a poor woman who immigrated from the Ukraine with her 3 children. I never knew her as she died before I was born. I often think of her and the strength she must have had to come across the ocean on a ship with 3 children early in the 1900's. I don't know the whole story and never will as all concerned are now gone.

These little lovelies were a recent purchase.
French Milk Glass.

The French Painted their milk glass.
I love the fleur de leis on this one.

Most times almost all the paint is rubbed off.

These are nice examples.

Still some paint left.

As I snapped this shot I thought. . .

I wonder if I could capture the smoke from the candle

if I blew it out?

Have a wonderful week My Friends.

~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

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Barbara F. said...

Hi Ahrisha, I LOVE the green transferware! And the French milk glass is so pretty. Thanks for stopping by the other day. Stop in again soon. xo,

Richard Cottrell said...

Ms. Ahrisha, Oh thanks for stopping by my blog. I so do appreciate it. The iron railings with the lambs and Raintrees are reproductions I found from a Co. in Texas. Kings Metals. Thanks for sharing you're lovely blog with me. Richard at My Old Historic House

Unknown said...

I specially like the cut glass piece I have similar bowl almost like that one

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

The lamp with the red shade caught my eye immediately. So lovely!


Woman in the scarlet coat,
Are you heading for a boat?
Or perhaps you need a bus
To get far away from us.
Whether wheels or sails you take
Don’t forget the chocolate cake
To sustain you on your way;
Red-clad damsel, now we say,
“Go with grace, enjoy the ride,
See you on the other side!”

© 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

Red-Roofed Lighthouse

Ott, A. said...

Love the look of those flowers in that vase. very pretty.

★Carol★ said...

You have some really wonderful pieces, especially the things that came from your family. The French milk glass is so lovely, and that was a great capture of the candle smoke!
Happy REDnesday,

Unknown said...

Beautiful photos and post! Thanks so much for your visit and for linking to 2nd Time Around!

Uniquely Ella said...

Hi Ahrisha thanks for visiting my blog. I love that table setting all of it! Just lovely and that silver ware, oh my what a treasure so sweet of your aunt to pass that piece of family history to you. Enjoy.

Be Colorful Coastal said...

Hydrangea and cut glass... perfection

Anonymous said...

I have inherited some lovely cut glass pieces, too. I do love them. Great find on those vintage compotes. I often buy just three if that's all they have and it's something I really like.

Your vignette looks so sweet. The transferware is pretty; I'll keep my eyes open for it for you.

I love the lace and the sweet quilted piece that anchors your vignette.

Claudia Fabiana said...

Thanks for your comments about Amos. He is one smart Kitty, friends with dogs, tough guy on the block, but extremely gentle with our family.

I am now following your lovely blog!!

ciao from Newport Beach


Hi Ahrisha, It is so nice to meet you. You have a lovely blog. Your pics are gorgeous. Is that a lace cap hydrangea? We have a blue/purple one; not blooming yet. Lovely family pieces. I have never seen French milk glass ~ so pretty! Regarding taking photos of clear glass, I have had good luck using all white background or sitting items on a silver tray. A solid background helps show up the glass details.
Have a great weekend!
~ Julie

Melissa said...

well hi Ahrisha- thankyou for the gorgeous comments on my blog!!

lovely to meet another gal who is obsessed with spoons and china!!
one can never have enough of either- EVER!!!

and with the family history that yours are blessed with- perfect....enjoy them...i can't understand people keeping treasures in a cupboard- enjoy them- it makes life happier!!

melissa - Miss Sew & So.....x

very merry vintage style said...

Thanks so much for linking to Share the Love Wednesday; hope you'll be back this week!

The enchanted home said...

What a beautiful flower arrangement and a gorgeous table!! It means so much more when things are given to handed down to us by family members doesn't it? I appreciate the sentiment behind such things. Thank you for sharing and thanks for stopping by my blog!!

Diann said...

Oh so many beautiful things to show us today! Everything looks just gorgeous! Thank you for joining TTF (sorry I m so late visiting!). I hope you are having a wonderful day!

-blessed holy socks, the non-perishable-zealot said...
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Karen said...

Hi Ahrisha, you have some beautiful treasures there. I love old lace and cut glass too and those hydrangea are beautiful. Thanks for visiting and leaving such a nice comment.

Poppy @ With a Dash of Color said...

Wow Ahrisha! You have some amazing treasure. I loved your GG's crystal compotes and dish....I love crystal and yours are simply beautiful! Crystal reflects sunlight and shine and sparkle.. try taking picture near windows with sunlight streaming in and you will see them shine and sparkle. But your crystal collection is simply gorgeous... I so enjoyed them! Loving those green transferware and that gorgeous fleur-de-lis lamp and French milk glass are my favorite. Thanks for visiting me and leaving me a sweet comment. Happy Sunday to you! Stop by and say hello anytime.~Poppy


GratefulPrayerThankfulHeart said...

Hello Ahrisha!

I think the red and the white look so beautiful. You have some very lovely pieces and that they came from family make them so very special.

My mother's mother died six years before I was born so I never met her. I have some tiny crochet hooks that belonged to her and a beautiful tablecloth that she made. She too came from a poor family (from Germany).

Your photos in this post are all so pretty! So nice stopping by to visit with you!
Kindly, Lorraine

Amanda@RelovedRubbish said...

What beautiful treasures, Ahrisha! I love the delicate crystal and the green transferware. The whole table looks lovely! How wonderful to have those old family pieces too.

Thanks for stopping by and for your nice comment about my table :)


Lori said...

Such a pretty setting! Love the glass and flowers... Thanks for visiting me!

Maryrose said...

I love all of your beautiful cut glass and even more, how they belonged to those special people no longer with us. You are so right, your grandmother must have been very brave to come across with 3 kids to a brand new life. My grandparents did the same...now I'm "Feeling Sentimental". Thanks for sharing, great post.

Bargain Decorating with Laurie said...

Beautiful pieces Ahrisha. That stemware is stunning, and I love any transferware, and the green is especially pretty. How wonderful that you have that beautiful cut glass and spoons from family members. laurie

Mikey Fuller said...

Beautiful tablescape and story! Thanks for sharing!

Kathy said...

Lovely, sentimental post. I adore things that remind me of loved ones. Things that were once cherished by them and are now important to me! Thank you for sharing your beautiful pieces-cut glass is wonderful to look at and to touch! I am fascinated by the French painted Milk Glass - now a new potential love!
Hope you have a blessed weekend,

Nancy's Daily Dish said...

Hi Ahrisha,

Well, you know I love that transferware but I must say the hydrangeas in the red vase are really beautiful, and topped with that Paris sign over you chandelier...so cute! This was such a nice post. I've been having internet problems and wouldn't you know that the last photo is one that won't load for me...I'm guessing you got a great pic of the candle smoke? I'll check back later and see if I can view it then.

Have a beautiful day,


Rebecca Nelson said...

How you be girlfriend? Hoping this finds you happy and doing well!

LOVE YOUR TRANSFERWARE! Just beautiful. Reminds me sooo much of my Gramm-mama! Sniff...miss her!

Thanks for sharing~


Ann from On Sutton Place said...

You visited my blog a while ago...I'm sorry it took me so long to get here. I'm trying so hard to catch up! This is a lovely post. My grandmother came from Italy with her mother and sister. I've often wondered if I would have been able to do something like that. Take my 2 children and move across the ocean by myself. It's doubtful...anyway, nice to meet you. Come back to my blog if you have time and enter my giveaway. Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ahrisha (you have a beautiful name) Thank you for stopping by my new blog and your kind comment. I found your other blog for your new online shop. Wow it's a beautiful background and header. Great to meet you and love cut glass as well.Wonderful to have things in your home with a story and from family to treasure. Red is a favourite as well. Hopefully i can pass on a few things to my kids with stories attached...


summerland cottage said...

Dear Ahrisha,

Thank you for the sweet comment you left me and for sharing your beautiful treasures with all of us.
Milk glass is the latest trend for collectors in my area and yours is lovely !

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

Oh what beautiful treasures! Wouldn't we love to have some of those old family stories. Thanks for your sweet visit to my strawberry table.

Bohemian said...

Ahrisha your beautiful Family Hierlooms and Thrifting Scores are lovely! I have the Lace Sickness too *winks* & have scored a few pieces of that French Milk Glass that I also adore.

BTW... as soon as the budget permits I'm going to be ordering more of that great Deep Relief Balm... everyone in the Family has been using mine & singing the praises of it's benefits! Even in the Nursing Home Mom was in the Staff were asking about it, she was getting 3 hours of relief with it from pain that even Morphine was not working on, how about that!!! Since so many Family Members now want one of their own I plan to order a few so that they'll leave mine alone! *LOL* I want to thank you so much again for the Gift of it & we'll continue to sing the Praises of how well it works! My Eastern Medical Doc had heard of this Brand & said it's all wonderful & good quality product so I'm delighted to have discovered it through you my Friend, THANKS!

Blessings from the AZ Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

lvroftiques said...

Hi Ahrisha!
So pretty! I love the cut glass and also the milk glass candlesticks, but most of all the hydrangeas! One of my favorite flowers.
I hope that you'll find your perfect armoire soon! (I waited for years also then couldn't stop finding them! Lol!).....I just can't get enough of them! *winks* Vanna Vanna

Divine Theatre said...

How lovely! I agree that your Grandmother was a strong, determined woman. I cannot imagine the uncertainty that she faced in this "New World". Her ancestors are the better for it, I think!
Thank you for stopping by my blog. I recently lost one of my best kitty friends, Shenanigan, to cancer. I miss her terribly.
Please pass the PetFinder link on. I believe we can do some real "good" with this blog stuff!



Rebecca Nelson said...

Where have you been lately my friend??? I'm so glad you stopped by! You must post again soo so I can see what you've been up to! :)

Still lovin' your transferware. YUM!


Bernideen said...

Mophead hydrangeas - lovely! Your dishes and table setting is wonderful!

Linda Carole Bloom said...

I love your cut glass - it's so beautiful and heavy! Isn't it nice to have things that belonged to our foremothers? Thanks for visiting my blog. Love, Linda

Paula ~ castleandcottagesigns said...

Beautiful treasures Ahrisha! Love the french milk glass, I had never seen it before:) And the hydrageas are breathtaking!

The Tablescaper said...

Such wonderful treasures and some with such memories.

- The Tablescaper

Quay Po Cooks said...

You have some stunning handed down pieces there. Truly sentimental. Love the table settings.