August 16, 2010

Just A Quick Question??

Would you or would you not want this beauty in your home?
I came across this lovely and am considering having it fixed up
and installed in the sun room just off the kitchen. Its a wood
burning stove and I am familiar with them as my Dear Aunt
Mary heated her old stone home with a similar but newer model.

Have you ever baked in a stove like this?
I wonder if I could bake a golden brown pie
in this oven?

Imagine 6 burners. I have only ever had 4.
There would be a hot tea pot of water at
the ready all winter long.

This part with two doors sits high above the stove top.
I don't even know if its an oven or a warming spot.

Here is the top laying on its side.
The green and cream enamel is so pretty.
The doors are the length of this piece.

If I installed this stove in the sunroom it would
also act as a heater in that room in the winter.
In the summer I would probably be
decorated and used for pretty.

So ladies, what do you think?
I'm linking to Susan for
Met Monday
because it would definitely be a Metamorphosis!

~ ~Ahrisha~ ~


Anonymous said...

My mother had one similar to this. One thing I would caution is ask someone who knows about the control of the heat. I can remember her with "back blow" (smoke into the room when you open a lid). JMO!!
Good Luck!!

Unknown said...

I had my husband's grandmother's stove installed in our farmhouse when we lived in MN. I just loved it there. Now it sits in a corner of the garage because we don't have room for it but someday again it will be inside and a sunroom sounds like the perfect spot :)


Marigene said...

Oh, Ahrisha, that could be such a beautiful gem once it is cleaned bet I would like it in my home! I do hope you will give it a new home...

Blondie's Journal said...

What a great piece for your sunroom~year round. It will look fabulous cleaned up and think how cozy it will be in the winter!! Can I come for tea? ;-D


Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

I can imagine you could do it!!!! And it would probably look so lovely too!
Could you also simmer potpourri on it? Wouldn't that smell divine!

Connie said...

It's charming and if the price were right, you BET I'd grab it, sweetpea.

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Gosh, this would bake lovely biscuits and breads, pies as well. You'll need hard wood for breads and soft wood for casseroles and roasts. Yep, I've used a wood stove and they are fabulous.

The Lovely in Life said...

The stove is lovely, you have my vote for getting it, you go girl!

KathyB. said...

I have a beautiful old wood cook stove and had it in my house for years thinking my husband would install it in our sun room for back-up cooking. He did not want to and it took up a lot of room so I moved it to the back of the house outside and like it very much there, but the weather is not kind to it. There are so many of these beauties sitting out in old barns and fields around here, also unsold in antique stores.

If I could actually have it installed though sometime in the future, I just might.If you can, go for it!

Beth said...

We had a wood burning stove in our basement in our previous home. It was not an antique. It heated the whole house. Every once in awhile I'd put a large pot of chili on top of it to simmer all day long. Good luck!

Tami R said...

I have always dreamed on using a stove like that one. I hope in my future I will find one and use it.

Donna@Conghaile Cottage said...

I think you should "GO FOR IT"! It's a definite "Diamond in the Rough"... AND you can get great cookbooks to help you out with ideas for cooking in it. Did you see the FANTASTIC old movie "The Egg & I". I'm going to be doing a POST on the book and movie. LOVED THAT OLD STOVE!!!
Let us know if you get it...
Hugs, Donna