February 4, 2009

Cats, A Joy In My Life

I would like to introduce you to two of the favorite men in my life. We have 2 wonderful kitty cats living with us. Both of them were strays and have decided that our house is a pretty nice place to live.

Our stripy friend goes by the name of Babaje. When he stoped by a few years ago he was so thin that it looked like he was just skin hanging on his bones. He was not even a year old then. So of course I had to feed him and now he is a healthy and happy kitty. He is the outside cat because he prefers it that way. On cold days he comes inside but mostly he likes it outside. He is not a lap cat but he does love it when you spend time with him and have a little chat. He loves being in on the conversation and I think he understands every word we say.

Our inside kitty is Spirit and he is the lap cat. Took me a long time to name him because I didn't want just any black kitty name for him, he was just too special. He helped me through one of the worst times of my life and is my favorite pet friend of all time.

One rainy night in August as I was getting ready for bed I heard this kitten crying outside. I went out to look and from across the street I heard the cry. I lived in the country, no street lights so it was very dark. I called to him and he called back and I could hear he was moving toward me so I kept calling and soon I saw this little black ball of fur roll down an 8 foot bank and onto the street. There was a car coming so I rushed out into the street and stopped the car so I could pick up the kitten. He fit into the palm of my hand so he was very young but he sure did have a big voice. I brought him into the house and fed him. I had to use a shoe box for a litter box because he was too small to get into a regular litter box. I guess he was about 5 weeks old.

I had seen what I believed to be his Mother who was black & white and pregnant go in and out underneath the porch across the street. My guess is that she decided to move her litter and as she was moving another kitten Spirit got scared and started to cry and run and he came toward the first friendly voice he heard which luckily was me. I have truely been blessed having him in my life.

Do you have a story about a pet that you dearly love? I would like to hear it if you want to share.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ahrisha!
Those are such touching stories about how your beautiful kitties came into your life. They wouldn't have made it without your help and it was meant to be. They are both gorgeous cats and Spirit is a great name.
My daughter was "adopted" by a very pretty stray Siamese mix. "Zema" ended up being pregnant with 3 kittens - needless to say my daughter kept two of them as well as momma cat of course!

Take care,
Karin from Michigan

Helen said...

Dear Ahrisa, you are a special woman with the heart of an angel. Back in November I told the story of my rescued cat, Rocky. If you read it you will see my story also had a happy ending .....

Fifi Flowers said...

The second photo is perfect for a painting! Beautiful kitties!
ENJOY your day!
Thank you for stopping by!

Fifi Flowers said...

If you are really interested in the painting.. it sold for 30.00 + 5.00 shipping... I have anotherone of those paintings... email me if you would like to purchase it.

Shay said...

Babaji certainly has repaid your efforts to fatten him up! What a lovely coat.

Neither of our kitties were strays but we did get the younger one from the no-kill shelter (he was born there). So many cats and so few homes; it's very sad. Thank you for taking a couple of them in.

I'm getting a late start posting today but I just put up a kitty cartoon video! Thanks for visiting my blog.

Birdsong said...

What lovely stories! I am especially glad for Stormy that you found him while young and gave him such a happy life. I have a 'wild' kitty named Heidi, that my son got out from under an empty building, hearing her cries in much the same way - she is now 9 1/2 years old, a lovely calico. I also have four donkeys and two small dogs, all rescues.

Confessions of a Plate Addict said...

Hi Ahrisha! I love your kitties! I have 4...I love them all because their personalities are so different. But like you, I do have a fav who was my friend when I needed one. Her name is Ozzie. The other three were all picked up off the street...quite literally. Cats are very special little fur babies, aren't they?...Debbie

a quiet life said...

oh i loved your story, thank you for suggesting i stop by. your kitties do look like mine~

ALL my pets were strays in the country, i kept them all so i know your crying and thin and scared stories 100 times over...

i love them all, and yes they are a blessing~

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