August 12, 2014

Vignettes From My Garden

Been living here for a few years now and the garden and patio are finally looking full and lush.  I am so happy with the way my plants are filling in.  I try to do mostly perennials so I don't have to do too much planting each Spring.  This is the gate from the patio to the pool.

OK, my pots are annuals.  The sweet potato plants went crazy.  Can the potatoes from these plants be eaten?  I can see them pushing out of the ground.  Anyone know?

Another pot to the left of the gate.

Continuing to the left of the gate is this lovely huge bush.  I cannot remember it's name but it begins with an "L".  It gets small clusters of lavender flowers all over it and the bees love it too.  It blooms late and it is just now setting buds.  Time to trim that Monarda (bee balm).

Continuing to the left are 2 steps from the patio to the back lawn, just behind this pot.  Tuber Roses in the pot should bloom soon.

Steps to the left again from the patio to the garage.

This is a favorite Forget-Me-Not.
Such pretty leaves.

Behind you if you are looking at the Forget-Me-Not are the stairs to the sunroom.  My pot of herbs that I have been clipping all Summer.

Sweet Miss Kitty is sleeping on her "Petting Chair".  She can be on the other side of the patio and if she wants to be petted she will race to this chair so that you know what is on her mind.  So funny.  All of our kitty's are strays that have now become a part of the family.

This is my Fairy Garden.  Love the angel and the glitter balls, as I call them.  You can buy them on QVC.  They come in a set of 3.  I have 3 colors, green, blue and silver.  Each ball is battery operated and has a timer.  Mine go on at dusk and off 5 hours later and for those 5 hours they glitter and sparkle.

So pretty.

This is the Wisteria that I planted last year.  It has made strong gains this year.

Up and up to the deck to the sunroom and up the railing to above the windows.  The plan is to run the vine across the top of the windows to shade them during the summer.

This is my Handsome man.  He likes to sleep on the steps.  It is cool there and he gets lots of attention each time someone passes him on the steps.

This is the covering on the patio shading it from the late afternoon sun so that we can have dinner here each night.  The cold winter was hard on my boxwood.  There are 5 growing in the raised planter on the patio.  I am trying to save them but I may have to dig them out.  These 2 look almost dead.

This clematis is still booming.  It is planted in the center of the 5 boxwood and  is running up the light string that runs around the structure on the patio.

I love this outdoor rug.  Do you have one outside?  It feels good on my bare feet.

The canvas top can be pulled down toward the setting sun creating a cool space for meals.

I was experimenting with my camera and attempted to get pictures last night of my glitter balls.  Here are two different shots.  I really need more practice.

I am working on the front lawn doing some landscaping and I will be sharing pictures later.
Thanks for stopping by,
~ ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~ ~
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Barbara F. said...

Your yard is so beautiful, Ahrisha, and the pool looks so inviting.. I saw those glitter balls on QVC. They look great.

Rue said...

Your yard is beautiful! I love the glowing balls and the kitties are so cute :)

Thank you for stopping by,

Rosie O'Grady said...

Your yard is beautiful! I just moved back to Texas from Tunkhannock, PA, and I must say that the yards in that area are sensational. I am glad I missed your winter though.

Linda @ Life and Linda said...

Wow, your yard is so beautiful. Fairy garden and all. The glitter balls really add some pop. Beautiful post my friend. Thanks for stopping by. Happy Sunday.

Rosie O'Grady said...

Your yard is beautiful and I miss your posts. I know that FB has consumed all of us, but...I miss your beautiful posts. Please continue so we can all enjoy your world.

Rosie O'Grady said...

Hi, It has almost been two years and I keep checking to see if you posted anything. I hope all is well.

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