October 14, 2009

Sweet Little Apron

Greetings friends~ ~ ~

Just a quick post to say I Won! This great little apron was made my Laurie at Meggie Mae Aprons. (I'm so sorry but I can't get this link to work. Click on Laurie's name then choose her site.) I must say she is a great seamstress her hand stitching and sewing is neat and precise. Oh yes, they are lined too.

If you are in the market for an apron for the holidays or everyday use visit her site and take a look at her aprons.
I am a seamstress too and sew my own aprons so I know a talented seamstress when I see one. Laurie does a great job.

Well I did say I won this apron so off you go to visit Julia @ The Apron Goddess to register to win your own apron. Julia is a great gal with a big heart and an amazing love of aprons. Visit her sweet blog. She has a give-a-way going on. Check it out.

Thank you my friends for supporting these lovely gals. See you tomorrow for Susans Tablescape Thursday.
~ ~Ahrisha~ ~


J.Zeigler said...

Oh, I love the Apron Goddess!! Congrats on the win!

Blondie's Journal said...

You look wonderful in Laura's beautiful apron! They are on my list to learn how to sew when I learn how to sew in the next few weeks. I will have to start simple. in the meantime, I will take a chance on winning one so I have some inspiration!!

Thanks for the heads up, Ahrisha!!


Bay said...

Lucky girl! Congrats and it looks adorable on you!

Walk in the Woods said...

Lucky YOU!