July 18, 2009

Beautiful Breezy Day

Greetings Friends~ ~ ~
This morning Babaje and I went for a walk around the grounds to take a few pictures to show you.
He really dislikes being held, can you tell? Look at that face! He is happy with all 4 feet on the ground.

This is where we started at the steps to the back deck.

These pink Echinacea flowers fell over into the grass during the heavy rains we had last night.

I just love Day Lilies and we have many different types.

This golden yellow one is stunning and really lights up the shaded area.

Can you see the sparrow nest? There are 6 eggs in it.

We put out 22 bird houses this early spring and have lots of baby birds around.
There is a wren family living in this one.

This is the stream that runs through the woods by the house.
We ended our tour there.

Thanks for joining Babaje and I for a morning walk.
Make it a wonderful weekend.
~ ~Ahrisha~ ~


Sharing with Sherri said...

Hello Ahrisha!

Thanks you so much for stopping by to visit me!
I have been browsing through your blog posts and and really enjoying it! I think we have alot in common!

I see now why you wanted to know how to get my virtual cat I have on my blog now!! You are a cat lover! Me too! Well, I'm a lover of most animals!
Anyway, all you have to do to get the cat widget, is go back to my blog page and click on the button below the cat that says "get widget" and follow the instructions.
I definately will coming back to visit you again!! I hope you will do the same!

It was so very nice to meet you!
Have a wonderful day!!

Karin said...

Your yard is gorgeous! You are surrounded by beauty and nature ~ it was a very relaxing tour ~ thank-you. The picture of you holding Babaje is beautiful ~ he's a very pretty kitty.


Southerncook said...

Ahrisha, Your blog is lovely and I appreciate so much you stopping by to visit my blog. I am placing you on my favorites.

Carolyn/A Southerners Notebook

Simple Man Makin It Do said...

Hi! Thanks for coming by! I love your site! I looked around and love your, oils, food, cat, spinning wheel, the deck, the table! Love it all! Oh, the aprons, I want a scalloped white one so much, one day maybe! You need to add following to your blog. I going take your site by feed and you will be in my following. Oh, I love the French dishes! Now there is a bottle of milk I think by the berries, I love the bottle. Is it old are can you purchase it? Just click on my name and it will lead you back to my blog. Love your site!

Bay said...

Beautiful beautiful beautiful. I wish I could go for a walk and have my grounds look like that. Lucky girl!

Dawn said...

What a beautiful yard! Thanks for taking us along.

Cindy said...

what pretty pictures and a lovely yard! I have a cat named cocoa that looks just like your outdoor cat, cocoa is outdoors too! Cindy

jerseygirl211 said...

Good Morning Ahrisha,

First let me say, before I forget, what a lovely picture of you with the cat.!!!!!! I take awful pictures. :(

We have been busy at our house, we get a lot of visitors in the summer, mostly family. My days are spent getting ready for them and then cleaning up after them when the are gone. It does make time fly.....

My new sewing machine was put to much use last month, but it is just sitting on my desk right now. I have to put it aside for a while, but I have lots of plans for later. Plus I just received wallpaper to redo our downstairs powder room,the other wallpaper was the most expensive I've ever bought and it didn't hold up at all. :(

Love the photos of your place, I'm sure it takes a lot of work.

Til next time.......


Anonymous said...

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